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    Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    where to go after skyhold

    where to go after skyhold? in bravely second
    or where to go after defeating anne?

    go out of the skyhold and roam around until you get a cut scene or just go to sagitta. and when you get the cut scene, yew will tell you to go back to the point where you 1st fought the kaiser.
    you can do this by doing a new game+, just go to a save point and select " to title" and make a newgame+, after making a new game+ a battle will start against the kaiser oblivion and when you get a chance to make an action against the kaiser, just use the bravely second or SP. and thats the point where your other party members will apear and the fight againts the kaiser will start.

    there ya go kill him and go on another adventure!!!

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