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    Thursday, March 3, 2016

    how to defeat astrologer norzen

    how to defeat astrologer norzen

    to defeat astrologer norzen and get the astrologer asterix, you need to be minimum of level 16
    and using at least 2 charioteer that spams trample and 2 healers all ith damage dispersion

    to help you more here is the job setup for all the characters i used to defeat norzen

    Yew : main job fencer and sub job bishop with spellcraft
    Magnolia : main job fencer and sub job bishop with spellcraft
    Edea : main job charioteer and sub job fencer
    Tiz : main job charioteer and sub job fencer

    the main strategy you need to do

    first use blazing wolf on Edea and Tiz then use stalwart aurocs on Yew and Magnolia
    after that just default until you get 3 points

    i will just add that get Yew and Magnolia p-def as high as possible because they are the one that is going to make the party survive

    after you get 3 points heal your party with yew with heal+blast[spellcraft] then use Heal+mist[spellcraft] with magnolia and use tiz and edea to spam trample on norzen

    rinse and repeat

    thats it good luck

    for more question just comment below

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