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    Saturday, March 5, 2016

    how to defeat amphisbaena

    how to defeat amphisbaena

    the recommended level is 25+ and equip a poison nullifying accessory, use jobs with high pdef  with fencers stalwart aurochs enabled at 1st turn for your support characters, job commands for your support should be fencer/bishop with spellcraft, and for your attackers use wizards so you take advantage of hammer spellcraft, its weakness is water/ice

    and now heres the catch why is it healing? and sometimes not?

    the answer lies on its tongue, if the head has a tongue its the indicator that it can absorb physical attack and if it has no tongue it can absorb magic attacks

    find the item you can steal from amphisbaena here


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    2. The tongue doesn't indicate anything about it's weakness. Whenever they switch they always spin around beforehand.