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    Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    spellcraft details and description

    Spellcraft details and description in bravely second

    DART : makes your magic attack first with additional damage

    NEEDLE: makes your magic affect monsters of the same kind and makes it stronger

    HAMMER: turns your magic attack into a physical attack

    MIST: makes your magic auto casted for 3 turns

    BLAST: turns your single target magic attack or support to multi-target with added punch

    WALL: cast your magic on a character and it gets reflected after the character get hit
                       [Heat-wall] casted to edea, when edea gets hit, heat is reflected to the enemy

    RAIN:  turns your magic into randomized multi-hit attack

    ARROW: turns you magic into a target specific attack or support
                      [Heat-arrow] you  can specify who gets hit and who is not to get hit

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