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    Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    bravely second patissier guide

    bravely second patissier guide
    farm locations of  patissier ingredients

    the list of where you can farm these ingredients is still being researched but,
    you can get them in Bioplant (Moon base facility)

    Level 1 : Beast Flesh, Genoise, Chantilly
    Level 2 : Roc Filet, Streusel
    Level 3 : Leviathan Sashimi, Zeste
    Level 4 : Foxtail, Biscuit, Nappage
    Level 5 : Dragon Steak, Vanille
    Level 6 : Rare Cheese, Cannelle
    Level 7 : Dried Remora, Fraise
    Level 8 : Monoceros Flake, Chocolat
    Level 9 : Tender Victuals, Patibon
    Level 10 : Amande, Anglaise, Catnip

    you can get Amande easily using steal or shakedown with rob blind,  monster to to steal it is
    alrosene = sagitta forest = amande

    see here for monster location and their items that can be stolen


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