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    Friday, March 11, 2016

    how to defeat angelo the patissier

    to defeat angelo the recommended level is 38 and you should have the summoner asterix or just a wizard but summoner is a much better for faster kill of angelo's reinforcement and i also recommend the knight asterix simply because dual shield will help you a lot in surviving hits,

    before the fight starts you will have to choose who will eat the cake that will turn that character into a ghost in which it can only use magic and you cant use any ether to replenish its mana supply, i suggest you choose 1 of your weaker support character simply because it will only use magic.

    to help you more on defeating Angelo here is the job setup i did

    Yew : main job knight and sub job bishop with spellcraft
    Magnolia : main job knight  and sub job bishop with spellcraft or just use a job with highest mana
    Edea : main job catmancer and sub job summoner
    Tiz : main job catmancer and sub job summoner

    here's main strategy you need to do

    1st use vivify-mist with Yew and just default the character that is ghost[i chose magnolia to be ghost]
     and he or she will serve as a backup healer, for Tiz and Edea brave x4 immediately and use [deus ex-mist] and  [deus ex- blast] with Edea and use [deus ex- blast]x2

    i will just add that get Yew p-def as high as possible because he is the one that is going to make the party survive

    rinse and repeat

    for more question just comment below


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