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    Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    how to beat anne in skyhold

    to win against anne the recommended level is level 50. and you need 2 support and 2 spear users or jobs that specializes on using spears like valkyrie, and always remember that when anne disappears attack the one that has buffs because that's the real one, and i will just remind you that if you fail to select the real anne you will get counter attacked. don't use multi-target attack i repeat don't use
    multi-target attack or you will get countered 6 times which will usually result on everyone's death.

    to help you more on defeating anne in skyhold,
    here is the job setup i did

    Yew[support] : main job knight and sub job is bishop with spellcraft
    Magnolia : main job bishop  and sub job dancer with spellcraft
    Edea : main job valkyrie and sub job hawkeye
    Tiz : main job valkyrie and sub job hawkeye

    here's main strategy you need to do

    1st use bessing-mist with Yew and just default your secondary support and he or she will serve as a backup healer, and for tiz and edea just default until you get 3 points then brave 4 times then  use [harpoon+sidewinder+ sidewinder+ sidewinder] and focus sidewinder on the real anne.

    rinse and repeat


    1. USE SPEARS!
    2. use [blessing-mist] every 3 turns
    3. dont attack fake anne

    for more question just comment below


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