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    Saturday, March 12, 2016

    signature weapons in KapuKapu Village

    Ominas - Megiddo Fire
    Mephilia - Arianrhod
    Khamer: Chronos Scepter
    Braev: Lightbringer
    Praline - Mic of the Diva
    Ayame - Grudge of the Doll
    Giest - Doom's Day
    Barbarossa - Iron Duke
    Minette - Juggernaut
    Einheria - Rossweisse
    Cu - True Gaebolg
    Rev - Another Mind
    Barras - Godhand
    Angelo - Sweet Kiss, Strawberry Death (shield)
    Holly - Ganbantein
    Artemia - Sylvan Bow
    Erutus - Cane of Greed
    Jackal - Highway Star
    Kamiizumi - Falling Star
    Kikyo - Kuzunoha
    Norzen - Astrowoche (shield)
    Yoko - Kogitsunemaru
    Magnolia - Moon Glaive Zero
    Nikolai - Nirvana
    Amy - S Axerifle
    Denny - Revolution
    Heinkel - Splitter, Unbreakable (shield)
    Anazel - Darkbringer
    Fiore - Bloodrose
    Janne - Vendetta


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