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    Friday, March 18, 2016

    how to defeat diamante

    my recommended level in defeating diamante is level60, and i also recommended you use the freelance[mimic] and performer[MyHero] combo for more braves, and 1 thief with the highest agi for faster movement and should also have triple wield or quad wield, he will also serve as the mirror breaker. You also need 1 hawkeye user for maverick spam, i also add that the freelance should have bishop with spellcraft and same with the performer

    for more info on freelancer[mimic] and performer[Myhero] combo go >>here<<

    to help you more on defeating diamante,
    here is the job setup i did
    reminder: performer should be faster than the freelancer
                     the abilities i used here are the only ones available to me
                     [i didn't grind that much with it]

    Yew[support] : main job is freelancer and sub job is bishop with spellcraft
    ability setup
              dual shields
              steady mp recover
              shield lore or adversity or pdef20% or something better you have

    Magnolia : main job is performer  and sub job dancer with spellcraft
    ability setup
              dual shields
              steady mp recover
              speed 20% [ this wil make the performer faster than freelancer]

    Edea : main job ANY high def and attack, and sub job hawkeye
    ability setup
              stand ground
              steady mp recover
              p.attack 20%
              weapon lore [ use the lore for your weapon]
    Tiz : main job is thief and sub job hawkeye
    reminder: make this character the fastest, because this is the mirror breaker
    ability setup
              stand ground
              p.attack 20%
              speed 20%
              triple wield or quad wield

    here's main strategy you need to do

    turn actions you need to do
    first turn
    freelancer: brave x4 then use 4 mimics
    performer: brave x2 then use def buff song and then use My hero
    Hawkeye[maverick spammer]: default
    thief[breaker]: default

    2nd turn
    freelancer: use [blessing-mist] just in case, or vivify-blast+mimic
    performer: heal or support
    Hawkeye[maverick spammer]: brave 4 times and use 4 mavericks
    thief[breaker]: brave 4 times and do 4 normal attacks[ if you think 3 is enough, use godspeed too]

    rinse and repeat


    1. performer should be faster than the freelancer
    2. have a fast moving breaker like thief
    3. use a maverick spammer
    4. use blessing-mist for safety

    for more question just comment below

    1 comment:

    1. Since Dancer isn't a sub-job what did you mean? (I don't have the Yokai or Templar classed yet) Also, to whom is the performer singing 'one more for you'

      I'm not totally stuck on Diamante, but I do want to see how this set up works. Thanks & Cheers