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    Wednesday, March 2, 2016

    how to farm a lot of money in bravely second

    how to farm a lot of money or PG in bravely second

    [tip 1]
    on early game the fast way to gain money is when  you get the summoner asterix that has the Zuisudra's sin summon, what you need to do is equip 3 wizard staff with triple wield and main wizard job with sub command summon, and with that setup you could just 1 hit every 1 there specially at lvl 20+++. if you want to see the strategy i did  just see the guide here and look for lvl 19 to 30++ guide

    [tip ]
    look at the last part in here, thats the best on exp, jp and money

    [tip 3]
    also early on the game if you are on the grand mill works just steal normalizers on the ironman II a type monters there[ofcourse you need to have the thief asterix] and sell them for 1k each and main thief job so you have rob blind which enables you to steal 2 normalizers. you can see a guide on items you can steal here

    [tip 4]
    white queen = geneolgia crypts = heart ring[5000pg ea] use shake down and rob blind

    [tip 5]
    the first thing that you need to do is get the thief asterix then use rob blind on monsters that gives elixirs

    elixirs cost a lot i just couldn't remember the exact price

    ill put more detailed explanation later

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