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    Sunday, March 27, 2016

    Catmancer list of moves and monsters

    Cat Art
    Required Item

    1 Blood Leech
    Absorb from one target an amount of HP equal to the damage dealt by a conventional attack.
    Beast Meat
    Bullet Ant: Harena Sea Caves
    Bug Shooter: Origin Cave

    2 Mind Leech
    Absorb from one target an amount of MP equal to 10% of the damage dealt by a conventional attack.
    Monster Bird Breast
    Bug Shooter: Origin Cave
    Barrel Paraponera: Harena Region

    3 Chomp
    50% chance to reduce one target's HP to 1. Does not work on bosses.
    Beast Meat

    4 Perforator
    Deal the same damage as a conventional attack to one target, and lower their P.Def by 25%.
    Green Foxtail
    Iron Man (II) A-Type: 
    Grand Mill Works

    5 Mass Attack
    Allies with less than 20% of their HP left attack at the same time you do. Note that this does not end the turn for the allies that join in the attack. They can still perform an action during that turn.
    Monster Bird Breast
    Bone Knight:
    Orc Lord:

    6 Wing Scales
    Attacks one target with the same damage as a normal attack, but has a 75% chance to confuse. Great Fish Sashimi
    Great Moth:
    Poison Moth:

    7 White Wind
    Restores HP of all allies equal to the user's current HP.
    Green Foxtail
    Aero Lantern:
    Aqua Lantern:

    8 Panzerlied
    Raise all targets' physical attack by 25% for four turns.
    Dragon Meat
    Iron Man (II) B-Type: Grand Mill Works

    9 Book Burning
    A fire-elemental magic to all enemies, and has a 50% chance to silence.
    Super Cheese
    Flare Lantern:

    10 Spray
    Water physical attack on one target that does the same damage as a normal attack, but ignores Default's damage reduction.
    Remora Anchovy
    Marine Devil:

    11 Sonic Boom
    Does wind damage to one target, ignoring physical defense.
    Monoceros Section Anzu: Kustra Archipelago
    Chimera: Old Sagitta Ruins

    12 Rock Storm
    Earth physical attack that hits all enemies and does the same damage as a normal attack.
    Fast Food

    13 Star Dust
    A light-elemental magic to all enemies.
    Silver Vine
    Regulus: Eisen Region


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